Viril X Review

Viril X is an all-round natural male enhancement supplement designed to do many things: According to the company that manufacturers it, Viril X is a blue sex pill that gets you harder, raises testosterone levels, stamina and sex drive. It can boost your energy and mood, too.

Aimed at men with erectile dysfunction who are otherwise healthy, it’s available in online stores and marketplaces like Amazon, and you don’t need a prescription to buy it.

Produced by Dignity Bio Labs, a company that is known for its natural supplements, the product contains only natural ingredients. This makes it ideal for men who want to stay as healthy as possible while taking supplements that boost their sex drive. But does it do what you want it to do first and foremost? In other words, does it give you harder, longer lasting erections on-command? I put it to the test and I’m sharing what I’ve learned in my Viril X review.

Pros of Viril X:

  • Each bottle contains 60 tablets
  • Raises testosterone levels
  • Contains natural ingredients

Cons of Viril X:

  • Possible side effects include dizziness and nausea
  • Expensive
  • Hit and miss results

Things To Consider Before Getting Viril X

Low testosterone levels are often the prime reason a man finds it hard to achieve an erection and satisfy a woman. Low testosterone levels combined with a hormonal imbalance can really affect a man. I know I was certainly affected by this. They interfere with your sex drive, your mood and your ability to get an erection. You also feel fatigued and listless and are rarely in the mood for sex. If this sounds like you, the good news is you don’t have to visit a doctor.

Male enhancement supplements like Viril X that can be bought online contain natural ingredients that raise your T-levels and improve your blood flow so that you’re able to achieve harder, longer lasting erections that get your sex life back on track. They’re ideal for health-conscious men who have no underlying health conditions, and who want a quick fix to their erectile dysfunction. All they need to do is buy the ED pills online before sticking to the recommended dosage and living an otherwise healthy life.

On the other hand, if you know there’s an underlying cause for your erectile dysfunction – such as diabetes or a heart problem – it’s a much smarter idea to visit your doctor first. A male enhancement supplement might help you get a better boner temporarily but it won’t get to the real problem. It’s the same if your lifestyle has undergone negative changes recently. Too much drinking and smoking can limit your chances of getting hard.

Here are some things to consider before you buy a male enhancement pill:

  • Your overall health – A male enhancement pill is only designed to boost your testosterone, it can’t help with underlying conditions
  • Your financial situation – Are ED pills a financial priority for you?
  • Your relationship situation – Is your relationship suffering as a result of your ED?
  • Your lifestyle – Do you need to make lifestyle changes to get your sex drive back?
  • Your ability to get an erection – If you find it almost impossible to get and keep an erection during sex at the moment, it might be worth trying male enhancement supplements

Review of Viril X Ingredients


One of the biggest pluses of Viril X is that – according to Dignity BioLabs – it contains natural ingredients only. A natural male enhancement supplement was certainly something that caught my eye when I was scouting around for sex pills to treat my erectile dysfunction, even if one of the drawbacks is that 100% natural ingredients raises the price.

These ingredients are designed to a) minimise side effects and b) improve the blood flow to your penis and get you harder. They also raise testosterone levels, correct hormonal imbalances and improve your mood.

Zinc, for example, is often used in male enhancement supplements for its ability to help your body produce more prolactin and testosterone. Zinc also helps your sex organs function and it can improve your sperm count. It’s therefore a key ingredient for men who want their male enhancement pills to contribute to their overall health.

Zinc was certainly an ingredient that got me excited for this product, as it meant I was able to get a key nutrient into my system.

Koren Ginseng

Korean ginseng boosts your immune system and reduces stress. It also has the potential to improve ED, although it isn’t FDA-approved in this respect. On the other hand, it’s a natural remedy that’s been used in alternative medicine for centuries to treat impotence, and because it boosts your alertness it could help you maintain concentration during sex.


Your body doesn’t produce this essential amino acid by itself, which means you need to get it from your diet or supplements. It aids the production of proteins and it also functions as nitric oxide in your body. This is key because, without enough nitric oxide, the blood vessels in your penis find it hard to relax. As a result, it’s next to impossible to get the erection of your dreams.

Despite containing all-natural ingredients, though, it might concern some buyers that this is a claim made by the company themselves and it’s one that I’ve been unable to substantiate. Moreover, it’s unclear what the dosage is for each ingredient, and therefore how effective each one really is.

Another potential issue is that these natural ingredients (most of which you can also find in plant-based food) are primarily designed to boost your energy and strength levels, rather than get you harder.

Other VirilX Benefits

60 Pills Per Bottle

The obvious benefit of a male enhancement supplement containing 60 pills per bottle is that a man doesn’t need to keep topping up his supplements all the time. There are enough here to last a whole month or more and – as long as you’re careful – there should be no risk of you running out at a crucial time (when you and your partner are i the mood for sex). Moreover, the fact that a lot of male enhancement pills typically cap their pills at 30 or less per bottles makes 60 pills seem like an even bigger bonus.

However, while most companies recommend you take just one pill per day, Dignity Bio Labs recommend you take 2 Viril X pills per day in order for their effects to be felt. The problem as I saw it was that, while Viril X does a great job of making you feel more energetic and stronger throughout the day, it’s less effective when it comes to helping you get and maintain an erection. This could cause a men to take 3 or maybe even 4 pills per day (not recommended).

Other Reviews of Viril X I found

Before you buy any product, it’s always a good idea to find out what others are saying about it first. Where Viril X reviews are concerned, men seem generally happy with the product but point out that it’s more useful as a supplement that boosts their mood and energy levels, as opposed to an ED pill:

  • “After taking this I have noticed that even though my body feels tired I am able to work through it.”
  • “Works but with side effects.”
  • “I have not seen any changes.”

Alternatives To VirilX Pills

In my own personal experience, Viril X did a grand job of boosting my energy levels but it fell flat when it came to revving my engine so that I had a Ferrari-like boner. Not much changed in that area. On that note, here are 2 alternatives:


BlueChew isn’t an all-round male enhancement supplement like Viril X. It’s not designed to raise your energy levels, improve your mood and neither does it contain Korean Ginseng. Instead, it’s a straight up sex pill that gives you a rock hard erection. It’s ideal for men who aren’t interested in the overall health benefits of an ED pill and who instead just want better sex.

BlueChew is unusual in that it’s a chewable tablet that you don’t need to swallow. It’s also a subscription service, which means you don’t need to keep manually ordering new bottles all the time. There’s a free trial available with a BlueChew coupon code so that you can try before you buy.


Cianix is a similar product to Viril X. According to the company it contains all-natural ingredients like L-Arginine and Korean Ginseng but, unlike Viril X, a single bottle contains 30 tablets and the recommended dosage is one pill per day.

Cianix can be bought online but there is no official website. It’s a useful product if you’re looking to raise your testosterone levels and optimise your energy levels, but it’s highly recommended that you combine it with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise. It’s also designed to treat erectile dysfunction but this doesn’t seem to be its primary aim.


Viril X is meant to be an all-rounder in the male enhancement supplement world. Containing natural ingredients, it’s designed to optimise performance in all areas of your life. However, it’s not the real deal when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. While it can boost your performance at work and in the gym it might leave you unsatisfied in the bedroom.

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