How Does The Environment Affect Our Health?

The environment is why we are able to live, breathe and carry out our everyday activities. Without the atmosphere and the environment, there would be no humans, no animals, and no life. The biotic hemisphere largely depends on the environment for its survival; we thrive in a good environment with fresh air. But we are not doing anything that affects our environment in a good way. We, humans, have been known to cut down trees, dump our garbage in landfills and oceans, even in freshwater rivers, etc. We are literally killing our planet, the only thing that can sustain life in this solar system. Here is a list of ways how the environment can affect our health:




1. Global emission rates have indeed started sky-rocketing in the past few decades, and we can simply chalk this up to the increased amount of people on the planet. There are currently billions of vehicles travelling up and about; a majority of them do not have any sort of emission control or emission dampeners. This has lead to the complete pollution of our environment. Nine out of ten people on this planet breathe in polluted air; this affects our internal organs horribly because our bodies were designed to accept clean air (oxygen rich). It can even be said that the environment is getting polluted because of uncontrolled factory emissions. This releases harmful gases into the atmosphere, which makes the air quality very poor, which in turn affects us. For example: The capital city of India which is Delhi and it is considered to be one of the most contaminated and polluted places on the planet. So much so that it has started discoloring the Taj Mahal, which was indeed white, but that cannot be said anymore.


2. Deforestation is making an enormous impact on our environment, and it has to be stopped. The only things that can fight these uncontrollable emissions are trees, which pump out clean, breathable oxygen. Trees are literally our saviors because they take in the carbon-di-oxide that we breathe out and release oxygen into the environment. We have to make sure that deforestation comes to a halt, and even if that is impossible, we have all the rights to plant trees everywhere, this will definitely help us in the long run. Believe me; it is no fun fighting for life on a desolate, barren land.



3. Water pollution has successfully begun destroying the water quality. We need to stop emptying our wastes into water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans and seas. Where do you think our water source comes from? The water bodies; by polluting the water bodies, we are sentencing ourselves to death because if we consume polluted water, we will surely be in a pit of health issues. Therefore we need to find a better solution to disposing of our wastes.