Forhims ED Pills Review

I’ve always wanted to try generic Viagra (sildenafil) because of its cheaper cost, so last month I tried ed pill service after hearing about it on the radio.

I’ve had ED and taken Pfizer Viagra for over 10 years, so I am in a pretty good place to give a fair verdict on how well these pills work.  I’ll also explain how their service compares to other similar companies I’ve tried like Bluechew and Roman.

What is the Hims ed pill service?

The ed pill service helps guys that find it hard getting hard. The options available include regular Viagra pills (sildenafil) and other varieties of ed pills such as tadalafil.

The Forhims website offers information about how and when to use the pills. They are for sale to anyone who worries about their sexual performance and wants some help getting wood. ed pill service has a delivery system, as well as advice on which type of pill is for you and all the information about how and when to take the tablets.

Basically, the ed pill service helps you learn about erectile dysfunction, and then provides a place where you can shop for the things that will help you get hard and stay hard to boost your performance in the bedroom.

My review, how it worked for me

I tried taking sildenafil first, mainly as a recreational pill, hoping to find that it would give me an erection when I needed. I was very young and sleeping around at the time, so getting hard would happen pretty much at any time. The issue with sildenafil was that it did not always last as long as I wanted. I believe my dosage was not enough and that is the reason I could not get it up. So, I ended up taking more than what was required to get the results I wanted, which required me to buy more pills. However, the amount of sildenafil that Bluechew gave me was more than enough to keep my erection rock-solid throughout the night.

Tadalafil gave the same in my experience, no matter if I am using Hims or Bluechew. It is useful for getting an erection when you need one, but not able to make you last as long as you might like.

If I were going to give the Hims pills a rating out of 10, it would be around a 5 because I know that I had better erections in the past. I kept using these pills to get hard, but knew I had the potential to get even harder and stay hard for longer!

Blewchew gets a 10 in that I never had any complaints. I switched my perspective about hims after trying it because I was able to stay hard for hours without worrying about the negative side effects for both sildenafil and tadalafil options.

Hims sildenafil vs tadalafil options

Sildenafil is obviously better known by its brand name, Viagra. That is how most people know about sildenafil. It is up there with the most commonly used erectile dysfunction treatments available now. It was actually developed to treat high blood pressure, but soon got approved as an ED drug because of the erections it causes!

Sildenafil works by increasing the amount of blood that flows to the spongy erectile tissue found in the penis. It makes it a lot easier for guys to get an erection and works quite quickly, too, usually within the hour. Most people choose to take the drug on an empty stomach so that it can get to work fast.

The other pill we are looking at is tadalafil, better known as Cialis. This pill is the longest lasting erectile dysfunction treatment available, meaning it should be the one you choose if you are hoping to go all night and remain hard for a very long time. The Bluechew version can stay in your system for up to 36 hours, and yes, I felt it. With hims, I did not feel it as much. Tadalafil also works really quickly and can be taken with or without food. A single dose of tadalafil can keep you topped up for a whole weekend.

Can For Hims ed be dangerous? Potential side effects

As with all drugs and pills, there are side effects to taking the ed pills that forhims sells. That is just part of the process when it comes to medicating the body.

Potential side effects

  • headaches
  • nasal obstructions
  • flushed skin
  • hot flashes
  • heartburn

The potential side effects of these ed pills include headaches, which can last for several hours or even days. Some people complain of having nasal obstructions, similar to when they caught a cold. Flushed skin, hot flashes, and heartburn are other fairly common side effects from the ed pills sold by for hims.

In most cases, these relatively mild side effects are gone within three to five hours after they start, and so they don’t cause too many problems for people taking them.

I have to add that sildenafil can potentially have some more serious side effects, which is potentially dangerous. These side effects of taking the ed pills are most dangerous for people with heart conditions, other underlying medical conditions, and for people who are taking other types of prescription medication at the same time. It is always a good idea to speak to a doctor or a medical professional before you start taking sildenafil or any of the other ed pills that are available from forhims and other outlets.

Bluechew has similar side effects, but they are more tolerable. forHims sells more than ED products; they have loss packages, Propranolol for anxiety, and Sertraline for premature ejaculation problems. It makes me wonder if a company like Bluechew that has a single niche is better at making good ED pills.

Prices and where to buy it

You can go right ahead and buy generic viagra and tadalafil directly from forhims. The products vary in terms of the batch size and the price, and so here is an overview of the types of products you can expect to find and how much you should expect to pay for them.

The Low Priced Option

For a very low price, let’s say around $30, you can buy sildenafil from forhims. It is the most popular choice when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. For around the same price range, you can pick up some erectile dysfunction spray, which can come in handy in the heat of the moment when you are getting down and dirty between the sheets. This bad boy can help you go even harder for even longer.

The High Priced Option

If you’re looking to try tadalafil, you can expect to pay a considerably higher price. For around $250, you can pick up a packet of Cialis from forhims, with pills to take daily, meaning that you will be able to get hard exactly when you need to get hard.

Prices for Hims ED Alternatives: The Better Deal

The reason I prefer the Bluechew subscription for better deals is that the starting price with a subscription promo code is $25. The most amount you will pay is $90 per month (28 tadalafils or 34 sildenafils).

Why I Ditched hims?

Unlike Hims, every Bluechew subscription packages are shipped and delivered on time. Customer service at Bluechew always answers my inquiries but with hims, not so often.

Only a couple of times hims double charged my card for packages that were delivered late to my home. But that was enough to get me to ditch the company for good. I could not tolerate the shipping issues and infrequent customer service responses.

Hims ed promo codes

I couldn’t find any hims promo codes, but the Bluechew alternative i’m using gives a code for 5 free samples, or $20 off the larger packages.

How to cancel Hims subscription

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes clear itself up just as quickly as it came on in the first place, meaning that there could be plenty of guys out there with subscriptions who do not really need them anymore. For me, it was pretty challenging to cancel my subscription as the customer service did not respond to my requests in a timely fashion.

If you want to Snooze the subscription for a while because you’re not going through as many of the pills as you thought you might be, that’s cool. All you have to do is let the customer experience team know that you’re looking to shift the shipment date back a while. You can also remove items for your next order and amend your existing subscription details in the same way, by contacting the customer experience team.

Want to cancel your order or your subscription altogether?

To cancel the subscription for good, you can contact the customer experience team and once they’ve talked you through your options as listed above, they’ll be able to sort that cancelation out for you.

Cancelling Bluechew was more relaxed because I could use my account settings to put the item on hold, email customer service, or click the link in the upcoming shipping notification email to cancel. ForHims only gave me one option. However, restarting my subscription for both was a breeze. But I still had to pay the $5 consultation fee with forHims to re-start the process.

Final Review, is forhims ED legit?

It’s legit to people who like it. forHims sells many products that might sully how they do business in the ED department.

Any online retailer that serves to treat erectile dysfunction can’t go too far with providing other products or unreliable shipping methods.

Whilst sildenafil and tadalafil are both good at their jobs, there is a third option to consider which beats them both. Bluechew is that much better option than forhims because of factors like price, the potential for side effects, and erections that feel much closer to the ‘real thing’.

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction of any kind though, is ok for trying, but Bluechew exceeds the low-cost no risk guarantee benefits. Remember though, if you want to get the best all around experience and perform to the highest of your sexual capabilities, it’s Bluechew that you want to be checking out and spending your money on.

Help & advice

Sometimes the first step in addressing an erectile dysfunction problem is actually admitting that you have erectile dysfunction problems. A lot of men are embarrassed by the fact that they can’t get hard, but sometimes, this creates a vicious cycle in that the more someone worries about getting a hard penis, the harder it can be for them to actually achieve a hard penis. It’s important for anyone struggling with this problem to open up and talk about it so that they don’t spend all their time worrying about how and why their pride and joy isn’t working as well as it should.

It’s also important to remember that erectile dysfunction can strike at any time, for anyone, for a great number of reasons. Talk to your friends, talk to your sexual partner, or seek the help and advice of a doctor or medical professional. Erectile dysfunction isn’t anything to be ashamed about. There are plenty of ways to find an effective and quick solution if you’re prepared to look for one. is a good place to start. It provides both an educational service, as well as a platform to actually buy the things you need to solve your erectile dysfunction problems.

But after trying alternatives like Bluechew I never wanted to turn back. I prefer this one over the others anyway.

forHims gets a 2.5/5 from me.

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