EHTJ – Health News and Our Goals

Aims & Scope
Eht-journal is a open-access, peer-reviewed journal serving the global community by publishing important research, reviews, and commentary on how modern society can better predict, mitigate, and respond to newly pressing threats to human health. seeks out articles addressing threat identification, threat assessment, threat mitigation, and response logistics, as well as other aspects of health crisis response. The journal publishes research and reviews on the identification and characterization of new and/or newly important threats to human health, encompassing a variety of detection methodologies (e.g., biosurveillance, qualitative research, natural language processing of social media, etc.). The Journal also publishes research on how to ascertain the potential impact of novel threats on human health (e.g., gauging the severity of an evolving influenza pandemic).

One of the Journal’s core aims is to publish advances in preventive or therapeutic interventions for health threats, encompassing both response to specific agents (e.g., post-exposure antimicrobial prophylaxis for Bacillus anthracis spore exposure) as well as more general efforts to support and heal communities facing health crises (e.g., studies addressing the mental health, environmental, and socioeconomic impact of these events).

Finally, the Journal seeks to provide a forum for innovative and cross-disciplinary studies of the logistics of health threat response, with a special interest in response capability improvement (what is often referred to as “preparedness planning”). This includes methodological advances in the natural and social sciences to improve situational awareness and response capabilities of public officials, health care workers, private sector leaders, ED treatments, and the general public to emerging health threats.

In the early 1990s medications like sildenafil signaled a major breakthrough in reproductive health and sexual wellness for men.  One of the specialties of our site is monitoring new advancements in pharmacology treatments as it relates to ED.  With the end of the viagra patent in 2018 we have become a major news source for anyone curious about changes for ED treatments.  We have tested new pills for safety like in our bluechew review, and continue to test other pills as they are released.